Zumba with Regina in Gloucester

I noticed many people (96% of people who filled in the forms on the first day) shared the same goals:

*Lose weight

*Tone up 


We’ve all been there, where you’re just about to hit your goal and then fall back to old habits or feel like you’re alone.  

Amazing news! You are not alone now and with support we all can do it :)

I had struggles in the past and my story is…

I’m a fitness instructor and everyone expects me to be model-slim and have plenty of energy, but a few years ago it was the opposite. I was searching for perfect supplements, diets, eating habits…tried everything, you name it and I’ll tell you all about it, but none of it worked. If I lost weight, then I didn’t have the energy and was feeling tired, hungry and angry. My moods where all over the place as well as I was always hungry :)  

I found the right diet :) now I’m full of energy, happy, eating healthy food alongside full.

Always happy to help

Regina (Reg)