I would like to share my story of my journey and introduction into the Zumba life . Over a year  ago I plucked up courage to attend my first ever Zumba class. I chose to visit Reg's (Regina Spence, we call her Reg) class as she advertised her class as being in the dark with laser lights and disco lights and thought this is for me as no one will be able to see me and my two left feet.

What I found on my first visit was Reg meeting me and welcoming me to her class. I like all new members headed straight to the back of the class trying to blend into the back ground , but before we started the class all the light came on and she introduced me to the rest of the class. I think they were more shocked to see me ,a man in what's more known as women's environment . They were all so welcoming and did not judge me in any way putting me more at ease, I stayed at the back of the class for a few months before I moved into the 2nd row  , week by week I improved four fold , I attended my first master class organised by Reg with Dovydas coming over to show us his moves, since then I have attended quite a few master classes all over from Wales to Trowbridge and a few in Gloucester area with me actual joining in on the main stage a few times which was a honour to dance with many master Zins .Earlier on this year I was rushed into hospital with suspected heart attack , this was brought on by stress and high blood pressure , this was a wake up call to change my life style, I increased my Zumba classes with Reg keeping a close eye on me to two a week and after 6 months I am now down to near normal blood pressure and heart rate for a 57 year old ( next week ) . If you need any proof into how good Zumba is good for the body and soul l am living proof and I would love anyone who is going through poor health to come and join Reg's class and by all means feel free to approach me for a chat , you can't miss me as the only guy in class .If it wasn't for Reg and the lovely ladies in her class and all my extended Zumba family through out the country, and friends I've made from all around the world i don't think I would be here to tell my story, my next adventure is I'm going on a 6 day Zumba cruise next year sailing out of Miami taking in Mexico and the Bahamas with over 3000 Zumbaholics .

You too could have the same story , all it takes is for you to take the next step and contact Reg and come a long to her many classes she runs . I would love to see you at one of the classes for a chat and a dance. 

 Trevor Howell (on Facebook: Trev Trevski Howell)



On the right hand side of the picture you can see the trousers that Tracey bought for her first Zumba with Regina lesson back in January 2014.  Through cutting down on food and an increase in exercise through Zumba you can see the difference in 9 months! 

Tracey’s daughter Stacey is a regular at my classes and used to rave about it to her mum. Tracey was shy and didn't want to do exercise in front of a lot of people, but once Stacey explained how down to earth we all are and how people of all ages, shapes and sizes attended my classes, eventually Tracey thought she would try it out.  She loves it and admits to being a little addicted to it as well. 

I am so happy that Tracey is achieving her goals for a happier and healthier lifestyle – it makes it so worthwhile for me.  Well done Tracey and thank you for letting me share your story! xx


I joined Zumba October 2013 and with the help of slimming world I have lost a total of 3 stone 10lbs (and still going!!). I can't tell you how much Zumba with Regina has helped me lose weight and tone up, I am so much more confident in myself and I absolutely love going to the classes!

Jamie Dowding (09/07/2014)


I started going to Regina's class back in June, and now 8 months down the line I am thinner, stronger, more confident and happier than I have ever been! I truly feel that this class has changed my life for the better, and I can't thank Reg and everyone else in the class enough.

Every class suit all levels, and it's amazing to be part of such a loving Zumba family! Every time I come home from Zumba I have a big smile on my face and I'm absolutely buzzing for the next class. No matter what your levels are, come to the class and see how much you improve!

Steph ( Self-confessed Zumba addict!) 


Reg (Regina) is an amazing Zumba instructor, not only do you get a great workout, but you have a good laugh.  No matter whether you are a Zumba novice or have done it before she makes you welcome, included and at ease.  The classes have changed my outlook and also great social interaction, within the class.

Reg is a true fitness professional and deserves to go far.  Carol x

Brilliant, Zumba with Regina is so much Fun! We dance, we exercise, we sweat and we have a giggle. Reg is a lovely woman and an amazing instructor who's enthusiasm will reach out to you. Reg instructs the classes in a way that you can work as hard as you want or as easy as you like, as long as you have FUN and ENJOY yourself!  The Zumba moves are simple, rhythmic and easy to follow, this is to make sure you have the best time you can. Reg is a very experienced fitness professional and will guide you through the routines and advise you on how to get the best from your workout.

I have been attending Zumba since June 2012, I have lost weight and toned muscles I have improved my confidence my stamina and my energy levels have soared. I have also made friends, very important! Becky x


Since starting Zumba classes,   exercise has become lively and fun.  Before zumba ,  exercising was a depressing burden with seemingly lots of effort and no reward.

In the short time I have been at Reg’s class I have dropped ½ dress size ( clothes fit better) and I feel more energetic and flexible.

There is such a friendly atmosphere at the classes and I can recommend them to anyone wanting to return to exercise and to improve their general wellbeing.

How did we manage before Reg and Zumba. !!

Bronwen X


Zumba With Regina? Its a fantastic, addictive way to workout, have fun, and meet some wonderful new friends.

Gill Brain


Wanting to get fit, I did some research and came across Zumba with Regina. Feeling a bit apprehensive I went along to the Wednesday night class at Abbeydale and was warmly welcomed by all the other ladies in the class. During the first class I felt a little overwhelmed with all the moves, but Reg and others were there to guide me along and within a couple of classes I began to get used to the routines and now thoroughly enjoy the class. Reg is very good at making sure you are not over doing it and is able to give examples of low or high impact moves. This has been the first time I have found some form of exercise that I really enjoy and I look forward to the class each week.

Gayle Clifford


Thanks to my ladies for a great idea to include this page and to anyone who wants to send feedback of any sort, please feel free to do so!