What should I wear?

Zumba will make you hot (it is a workout after all!), so something comfortable is essential!  Trainers or dance fitness shoes would also be ideal.

What if I have not danced before?
No problem!  I cater for different levels so you can slot in at the level that suits you!  As Zumba moves are quite repetitive, if you miss it first time around you will eventually pick it up!

I am not that fit!
Go at a pace you are comfortable with, it's not a competition!  Enjoying what you are doing while staying active is the key - you will be surprised at how quickly you improve!

Do I need to bring anything else?
Water is essential - towels are advisable

Should I book?
No, however, as places are limited it might be a good idea as priority will be given to those that have booked.  If you have booked but have not turned up at least 5 minutes prior to the class starting, your place will no longer be held for you.

How do I pay you?
You pay as you go, although the offers section does inform you of bulk lessons at a discounted rates which you can pay me for at the class in advance.

Is there anything else?
All activities are undertaken at your own risk, so where needed, please seek your doctor’s advice prior to attending. We want everyone to be safe and happy!  If you are new, you will need to fill out an initial form.  Please click this link if you want to print out the form and bring it to class, otherwise copies will be available as you come.