About me

My name is Regina – call me Reg.

I was always busy after school doing different things.  Firstly it was music (learning the accordion and piano), then after I completed my exams there I started to look for something else - I was just so used to being busy after school.  I joined dancing classes. I loved it.  I was doing very well as I was not just hearing the music, but really feeling it, as I had the background from my music school days. It was something different, moving loads, as you can't really do that when you are playing the piano or accordion!! 

have a passion for dance, especially modern and Latin - and I really love Zumba.  I always wanted to teach dancing, and Zumba has got me hooked!  Now I have had my family (a girl born in late 2008 and a boy born at the beginning of 2012), I took the opportunity to do something I really love and enjoy doing to regain my shape.

l love it when people who have tried my classes come back again - it really gives me a great feeling as it means I am connecting with them and they like what I am doing.  Plus I get to meet more and more new people every week. 

Every Zumba teacher has a different style, some are more modern, some are less so, my style is to try and mix both, but certainly including a lot of sexy Latin moves! My hope is that you will turn up to try me out, and hopefully we connect and most importantly you have a good time as well as a good work out.

I really like feedback and encourage it either after the class, or via email or Facebook.  I want to know what you think about the music selection, dance moves, making things harder or giving easier options of moves to suit all standards of fitness, this way I can make things more enjoyable for all.